Die Fakultät 09


Corporate Sustainability Maturity Model


This project aims to develop a model which will be used to conduct a maturity assessment of companies within the German industry. The subject of this maturity model will be “Corporate Sustainability”. This subproject was initiated to support a major research project named “Business Process Management for a Sustainable Corporate Development” in order to succeed.

Although the term of “Corporate Sustainability” is widely spread within management, it's definition is quite ambiguous. For that reason the term of Corporate Sustainability will be defined first. Subsequently, existing maturity models will be examined and assessed. The goal is to define the characteristics that make a maturity model a good one and to apply them for the creation of our product. For this purpose design thinking and systems engineering techniques are key elements within the strategy of this project.

Project Manager

Andrea Vasquez Villajuan (B. Eng.)
e-mail: avasquez@hm.edu

Thesis Supervisor

Prof. Dr. Claudio Zuccaro
Raum: R 2.053

Tel.: 089 1265-3461
Fax: 089 1265-3403

Project Supervisor

Felicitas Loepp
Raum: R 2.065

Tel.: 089 1265-3984
Fax: 089 1265-3902

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